August 22, 2012

Happiness = Do what you love?




LL Cool J as a motivational Speaker? Yes!

The singer, rapper, actor had some great commentary when asked about job satisfaction: “Do what you love; you’ll be better at it. It sounds pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this one right away.”

He’s partially right, but he never finished the story and that’s where most of us give up.

It’s been said that creative people are the luckiest on earth, mostly because they are already existing on a level that brings a certain kind of  fulfillment. Now whether that is a job, a hobby or something else is entirely up to the them. For us,’s the ebb & flow of creativity from one career field to the next that has been like a lifeline in a sea of change.

None of us are one thing,…we are all multi-faceted. We make choices,…we live with those choices. Change, as  noted, is inevitable. The easy thing would be to say “do what you love and the money will come”. There is a book with that moniker but it isn’t exactly true. Of course job fulfillment is essential; hating what you do can’t be good for anything much! But do you always get paid for what you love doing? Not really. I love riding my bike along the riverfront. It makes me happy but I don’t get paid for it.


However, I do love creating. We all love creating beautiful things; revamping items here at Omforme. Spinning gold from straw is a nice colloquialism that’s bantered about a lot around here. And yes, others find what we do to have value – which brings in a whole other dimension to our job satifaction. We’re glad to able to please others with our goods and make a living from it at the same time. Not everyone can say that and we know we are lucky in that aspect.

Balance between loving what you do and being able to make a living off of it takes a recipe: Passion (motivation enough to go to work everyday), focus (figuring out a plan & where you are going) and lots of perseverance (getting through the rough patches). For us it starts with building great relationships with people. Good people. People who are interested in our creativity whether it comes in a form of restoring an item of theirs, revamping it into something else, or selling an item we’ve worked hard on to make beautiful once again. After that, it’s all about the furniture and how our creative translations helps enliven a piece that will become a work of functional art in your home. Each step forward is earned as well as  kind of self reflection to make sure we are on the right path.

When new customers come over to our studio, it’s always amusing to see the look of absolute amazement in their reactions to all our goodies around the place. One of the best parts for me personally is to watch their imaginations run wild with inspiration. Excitement ensues with the chattering of ideas that we, in turn, make into a “Reality”. There are few limits at our studio and new customers realize that right away once exposed. That’s where our biggest portion of happiness with job satisfaction comes into play. Making others happy by doing what we love and getting rewarded for it every time.

Other News

We are teaming up with other insanely talented lighting and furniture designers to offer a cream of the crop Pop-Up Shop. IT’s all in the works, but please stay tuned as we will be announcing the when & where soon.

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