March 23, 2015

Hanging with Ty

While showing our hard work with furniture transformations at the Home & Garden Show in Minneapolis, we got the chance to hang out for a little while with Ty Pennington. Ty and his crew swarmed into our little booth like a tornado of energy yet a few moments with Ty reveals an authentic guy who still, after all these years in TV, has complete passion for transforming itemsĀ from furniture to homes and everything in between. He is a trueIMG_4782

He admits to finding curbside treasures exhilarating, mostly because his imagination goes wild with ideas. How often do you hear that from a celebrity who doesn’t have to dig curbside anymore? He states it like this: It’s the exploration of “what can be” that is the enticing part of any transformation. The knowing that something good can come from something neglected or mundane. That kind of positivity is infectious and yep, it certainly was just that when Ty decided to stop over to our booth and give us the thumbs up! Thanks Ty,……you’re an awesome guy!!!IMG_4775

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