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I have the fortune of having a mighty river in my back yard: The Mighty Mississippi.

I often go on lovely walks there during the warmer days and enjoy the water and parks along the way. One day I was walking and noticed beautiful pieces of driftwood that had washed up on tiny patches of sandy areas along the river and I knew I could do something inspiring with those pieces so I grabbed them up, went home and put on my design cap. Here is what I came up with:


Driftwood and Iron Table

What you need: Driftwood, iron pipe plus fittings, a drill, drill bits and a table top (I used an old piece of marble I had)
IMG_7065Once you get your driftwood cleaned up and dried out you can decide how you want to place it for best aesthetics for your table. Take your iron pipe and start playing with the physical layout until you come up with a plan as to where you will bore holes in the wood where the pipe will slide through to create stable legs for the table top. Mark your areas and the direction you will be drilling in; often it will not be at a 90 degree stance as you can see from the final photo.

IMG_7076Make sure that your drill bit is exactly the same size as the pipe you are using. Not any bigger or any smaller, you want a tight fit. Here I used 1/2″ diameter iron pipe so I used a 1/2″ drill bit. Drill your hole in the marked areas for the pipe.

IMG_7066Once you’ve drilled the holes, start to insert your pipe. This isn’t going to be super easy as it is a tight fit. I used a heavy hammer to pound the pipe through the wood until I got it to where I wanted it. My table in the photo is 20″ high (with the table top on), so I needed to make sure that the pipes at the top point was at 19″ high. A part of my driftwood was higher than that, But I knew I could saw off excess wood I didn’t need to get the height required.

When I got the pipes through the wood, I added the iron caps at the base to finish off the legs and the angle fittings were screwed onto the other end to support the table top. I made sure everything was level and then simply set the marble table top onto the base. Since the pipes were tightly in place, gravity and weight keeps them from not moving or slipping and the table is sturdy enough for everyday use.

I thought about using a glass top, even that old fashioned safety glass that had the metal mesh in it for an interesting look but ended up liking the way the marble looked. You can experiment with any table top you like, since your driftwood base is organic in nature, there is no right or wrong table top material that can go with it and not look beautiful so play around with what you have and what you can find. I guarantee you’ll have a unique table to call your own.

IMG_7083 copy




Driftwood Floor Lamp

IMG_7063This was a very easy project as all I did was the same procedure as I used for the table above and I drilled a hole for the lamp rod to go through. In this configuration, all I did was unscrew the base of the lamp and push the driftwood into place and reattached the base. flip on the switch and you have a cool, seaside light to grace your home!



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