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Extraordinary interior design will set you free. Unsticking you from the past, to be reborn into any form your heart desires. It begins with realizing that possessing a distinctive style is open to everyone, everything has potential, and things get better with age. That outdated yet comfy chair? Watch us resurrect it into a custom designer piece you’ll love with abandon for years to come. With the right design, everything is possible; we’ve proven it time and again and ready to help bring your home back to life.


Design Services

Whether it be our curated collection of transformed vintage furnishings, custom made pieces or Interior Design services, what we create is meant to be adored, cherished and used with abandon. We’ve been working with boutique Architectural and Interior Design firms for decades creating beautiful items for public spaces. Now we get to do it for you too! Come into our world, it’s pretty fantastic in here.

If you’re unwilling to conform to mass produced style or contribute to throwaway culture and just want a fashionable alternative to shabby chic,…we’re about to become your best friend.




Welcome home to a bold new you!


Furniture Restyling & Design: Price Varies. Our uncommon yet proven methodologies take your furniture and turn it into the valuable masterpiece that was always hiding on the inside through our restoration processes. Looking for a custom piece? Our team of exemplary furniture makers will fill the bill creating works of art specific to your needs. We work with both residential and commercial projects.

Interior Design, The Minimalist Package: 10hrs of Consultation $1900. Ever heard of “Buyer’s Remorse”? It’s where you spent money unwisely on items that end up not working for your needs and now you’re stuck with it. With the minimalist package, you can avoid all of that by receiving a solid design guidebook to work from. Color consultation, furniture layout, traffic flow structuring, 3d renderings and select stores to get the “good” goods so that, in the end, you can have something to brag to your family and friends about for little expense. 1-2 two rooms can be created with this package.

Interior Design, The Maximalist Package: 10+hrs. @$180hr. Yep, here’s where we’re “Full Hands On” for you. We oversee and manage your home like it was our own while making it into your style. We contact and coordinate all contractors, acquire selections from luxury resources with our discount from tile to furniture and make it easy for you to make decisions with our guidance. We’ll be upfront about our pricing and expectations simply because we know you want the best experience during the design process.

Design Work

From restyled vintage to modern, innovative design using excess building materials, learn how we are leading the design industry into the new era of "Conscious Design". Get inspired!

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Showroom hours are by appointment; it's our way of being able to cater to your needs while showing you the goods. Heck, we may even bring you back to "the Lab" where all the magic happens!