Rockstar Artist Spotlight: Jodi Reeb



With surfaces that beg for introspection, artist Jodi Reeb creates works of art which showcase the depth of abstract forms and the richness of layered content. Reeb is our Rock star Artist for July, whose new series “alchemy Defined” will be shown for the first time at our open artist reception series at Omforme. Wonderfully affable, Jodi sits down and lets us know the skinny on herself and her process for art.

“My interest is in creating rich surfaces that are pure in form that don’t rely on content. In the past, I have been creating work that is nature-based and contemporary. In this new series of work, it’s often we see only the surface of things when in reality there are many levels that create the stages of what’s underneath. There’s fascination in exploring that place.” ~ Jodi Reeb

By focusing on each translucent layered surface with a mix of acrylics, encaustic wax, wood, canvas and even glass, Reeb’s process has advanced to more about the dynamics of painting in building up luminous layers of molten, colorful beeswax to capture light and depth only to pair down the process to a final act. Inspiration comes from experimentation and the intrinsic nature of the materials. Her works have graced the interior spaces of major corporations as well as residential homes throughout the midwest.


When visiting Reeb in her studio, we had to ask about the swing.

“It gets used a lot!”, says Reeb, “People really think it’s strange but I know they all want to try it.” For her, it’s a way to break the intensity of her everyday work in art and just enjoy the process of relaxation as much as the process of creation.

Omforme Artist Open House Series

Jodi Reeb: Alchemy Defined

July 26, 2014, 5-8pm  


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