A Sunny Disposition

You know we just can’t sit still,….

Every few months we repaint the inside of our tiny little shop to keep things fresh and we have a lot of fun doing it! After a long  harsh Winter, the worst documented in Minnesota history, it was unanimous to bring a little sunshine in; So we repainted the main room in sunny yellow and cream colored stripes from the dark charcoal tone we had all winter long. Talk about a colorful uplift! Our mood is lighter and hope that all who enter experience the same. Next on the docket is the repainting of the other “tiny room that makes up our shop in a beautiful plum color. You can see that room through the doorway below. What do you think? We’d love your suggestions,…

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We are also excited about some of the new artists that are a part of the Omforme family like Michael Mikula, a glass artist, who creates these stunning votive holders reminiscent  of art deco styles from the past but squarely rooted in today’s modern aesthetic. In the coming weeks we will be showing you great things from other insanely talented artists like Concrete Pig, Tree on a Hill, and Woodsport,….so keep a look out because the future is bright!

Glass Vessels by Michael Mikula

Glass Vessels by Michael Mikula

Spring 2014 Look Book

Our new Look Book is here for Spring! Take a look inside and you will find a few of our many transformations on furniture, along with new modern items designed by some of the most talented craftspeople in the Twin Cities. If you’re craving to renew your interior for Spring, we may just have what you’re looking for.

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Showroom hours are by appointment; it's our way of being able to cater to your needs while showing you the goods. Heck, we may even bring you back to "the Lab" where all the magic happens!