Omforme’s Do Good For The Holidays Events

Want to give back while giving forth? It’s easy. This holiday season, Omforme is giving back to the community by supporting local non-profits by donating a generous portion of the sales generated at the following events back to those who need it most. These charities are dear to us and we know that you can purchase your gifts anywhere for the holidays. By choosing to purchase a few gifts with us, know that your purchase will do more good than just finding a present for a loved one; you will also be helping others have a happier holiday as well.

If you’d like to come support these charities or even just to support your local tiny vintage shop through the holidays – we’d greatly appreciate your presence and promise to show you a good time. RSVP’s are most appreciated to either event below:

Childrens-fundraise-2013 Open-Arms-invite

Omforme’s Black Friday Art Opening

black-friday-survivalJA1Forget the mayhem of black friday as you know it: camping out all night in front of big box retailers and tripping over several 100 other people wanting the same scarce deals as you. Instead you can come to our civilized urban chic venue showcasing one of the Twin Cities notable artists during our Black Friday Art opening event.

John-AlspachWho’s the artist you ask? It’s John Alspach; we think he’s pretty darn cool with art that’s even cooler. It’s no wonder his work is all over town and now we are lucky enough to have a show for him in our own little shop. Here’s a little more about the man and the artist within:

John Alspach

Taking inspiration from the city’s streets, often using materials found from discarded billboards, stained and weathered steel, surplus building materials, John has found a way to instill these items into his work. His art has been finding a very appreciative  as well as notable audience.  Interior designers, condo dwellers and local businesses are using his work to bring the energy and vitality of the city into their spaces.

Artist Statement: ”These works are informed by the chaotic, uncertain terrain that is conversation. I find a mirror of this recorded on the City’s walls and streets.

Textures overlap, fragments of sentences are covered up by louder, bolder strokes. Urgent signals gradually fade to faint ghosts. A multitude of voices clamor to be heard here, but how many are willing to listen?” 

“Runner 1″ reformed steel and enamel by John Alspach residing in a setting designed by Carter Averbeck at Omforme.

“Runner 1″ reformed steel and enamel by John Alspach residing in a setting designed by Carter Averbeck at Omforme.

Black Friday Art Opening for John Alspach

Omforme 613 W 24th St, Mpls MN 55405

November 29th, 5-9pm

for more info or to rsvp please go to:

Shop local, shop smart, buy art this holiday season; it does a body & mind some serious good!

855-OMFORME (663-6763)

Showroom hours are by appointment; it's our way of being able to cater to your needs while showing you the goods. Heck, we may even bring you back to "the Lab" where all the magic happens!