The Art of Christina Ridolfi: Ongoing Exhibition

Current Exhibition Extended through November 14th, 2013

Due to popular demand, we have extended the current exhibition from artist Christina Ridolfi.

Interlacing the natural world with a cosmopolitan flair, Christina Ridolfi takes the beauty she finds in nature and people and reworks it to reveal inner depths of the human soul reflecting on often changling nature we all possess. Original sculptural works in bronze like “Model 2″ showcase the juxtaposition between realistic and ethereal qualities; as if the realm of delight can be found in the crevices between levels of existentialism. Christina’s ever present exploration into different media yields a broad range of styles, usually with a current and/or pop art nod to wry expressionism. No matter what, be it more classic or modern influenced, the art of Christina Ridolfi is sure to make a lyrically positive and lasting statement on the human psyche.

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Omforme Gallery Showcase

Artist: Christina Ridolfi

Current Works: Exhibition Oct 17th through Nov 14th

613 W 24th St Minneapolis, MN 55405

Artist Spotlight: Christina Ridolfi

1382784_10151916236274791_21810694_nChristina Ridolfi is our feature artist for the month. We’ve had so much fun getting to know Christina and see her amazing artistry. A saturday afternoon sit-down with Christina gave us a glimpse into her world of art and now we get to share it with you. We can’t wait for her opening to happen in our shop on October 17th. We know it’s going to be awesome !

Did you always know you were  creative and what was your first piece of art? Yes, I’ve always loved making with my hands. My first piece of art was a hand built ceramic snail that showed at a local Bank.

Tell about your process; Where do you get inspiration for your work? I get continuous inspiration from nature and then getting my hands dirty from creating a piece of art.

What’s exciting to your right now?Connecting with other creatives and people living authentic lives. The European runway shows this season are also exciting.

It’s a rainy day, what song do you pick to listen to & why? I’d probably listen to the rain because it makes me feel like I’m in the forest. Maybe I’d put on a Manu Chao song.

If you were to suddenly turn into a piece of art – what would it be? The 12 meter tall, gold and ivory statue of Athena by Pheidas that stood at the Parthenon.

The best food you secretly eat? Ice cream

Give us a philosophical statement in one sentence that closely relates to you as you are creating your art.  ”When I am creating art, time ceases and I find my true focus.”

CHRISTINA RIDOLFI Art Opening October 17th

Omforme Gallery 613 W 24th St, Mpls MN 55405

Christina Ridolfi is an independent exhibiting visual artist and educator. Her most recent exhibitions were featured at the Minnesota State Fair and Art-A-Whirl in conjunction with Franconia Sculpture Park. Christina works within a multi-media platform but focuses mainly on original bronze sculpture and paintings. She is a partner in MRM Studios, a Minneapolis based fine art design & fabrication company. She holds degrees in Sociology/ Anthropology as well as Interior Design from Lake Forest College in Chicago and Milwaukee Area Technical College.Rumi-Front CR-Dancer4

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