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Here’s a sneak preview of a few of the goods going into our upcoming Pop-up shop. As you can see, glam is the word of the day and we are excited to show you just how much glam you can have for so little to adorn your home, abode, castle, shanty or shack.


And just in case you think that’s all there is,…we’re just whetting the appetite as so many things are arriving daily from our furniture to rare vintage barware sets, home accessories, artwork from phenomenal artists with cult followings and more,….more,….more! These one of a kind items only come once,..seriously,…so keep us marked on the calendar as you will never find resurrected treasures like this ever again!

A Magical Night, Lives Changed, Good in the World

Taking a short reprieve from hurrying to pull together our next pop-up shop, we were asked to do something pretty special for one of our favorite non-profit organizations and we jumped at the opportunity. Please read, smile and pass “the good”  forward,…

IMG_2385-300x224Even though most people know us as the funky furniture restorers, we were honored by Kim Valentini of Smile Network International to be asked to create the setting for their biggest gala event of the year, “A Decade of Smiles” event. We couldn’t have accomplished all of this fantastic decor without the overly talented and beautiful Flora Angela Brama and Carter Averbeck: Chairs of Decor Committee. @smilenetworkinternational. It was a magical night and a phenomenal cause to be a part of. — Smile Network Gala Event (4 photos)

We created larger than life Letters spelling out the word “SMILE”, otherworldly trees both on the ground and floating above the heads of the guests, lots of incredible lighting effects inside one incredible piece of architectural history called Aria in Minneapolis MN. My prolific and ungodly talented cohort: Flora Brama helped tremendously with the decor ideas – bringing everything to colorful life. She was as funny as she was hardworking – such a heart of gold, as do all who had volunteered their time to help put this event on.




Aside from raising funds to help surgeries for children in need around the globe, the guests were entertained by the uniquely entertaining voice of Nichals David, who’s recent stint on “The Voice” on television has given him the notoriety he truly deserves. His talent made the evening that much more special. The gala was an event to remember and we are humbled to be a part of making it happen.

You can find out more info about smile network here:

Smile Network International

Now it’s back to the grind,…..the good kind – finishing up on fabulous pieces of vintage furniture for our upcoming Pop-Up Shop opening at the Northrup King Building in NE Minneapolis MAy 16-19.



Yep,…’s gonna happen again. We are furiously toiling away at our next pop-up shop venture. Our 2nd one to date. This time it’s all about the international glam rock atmospheres of the 196os and 70s. Sleek furniture in black, white, chrome, smoked glass, lucite, vibrant orange, fuchsia, teak are intertwined with a bona fide POW of pop art presence from other top local artists who aren’t afraid to be bold.






We just finished up on a prototype card, a “pop-up” card (yes, yes couldn’t help the pun) but super fun (oh geez, now we’re rhyming)! Still needs work, but the creative juices flow so quickly during these mad rush times that it really helps us to produce some of our most innovative work. We just can’t wait to be open again for all you wonderful folk who continuously support our wild little endeavor to give you chic, artfully resurrected furniture sure to make a place in your home.


Only one snapshot has been taken so far and as you can see, there’s a ton more work to do. More furniture to finish up, shelves to fill with vintage barware and other goodies, artwork to hang,….by the time we’re done we’ll need a swell cocktail shaken, not stirred! When the time comes, be prepared for a smattering of great vintage designers such as Pearsall, Skrufs Glasbruk, Widdicomb, Royal Teak, Danish Mod and much more. Stay Tuned,…and we’ll let you know how to score opening night tix for a sneak peek and to get your hands on all the good stuff first.



Revamp Man



Written by G. Pollard

If ever there was a savior for discarded furniture then Carter Averbeck is it. He transforms the forlorn and forgotten pieces left by the wayside into works of vibrant art ready to settle once again into a home with panache.

“I call it the Lazarus Effect” Carter jokes, “We bring life back from the dead with each piece of furniture that comes to our workshop.” Seeing the state of many of the items within his studio at Omforme Design, it is with absolute wonder that some of these items would even be worth the effort. Tattered seating on chairs, beat up wood dressers from the mid century, a heavily cat clawed couch sits in the corner waiting to be saved.

“Our mission is quite clear; we want to infuse value back into these pieces while doing our planet a favor at the same time by not adding to the landfills.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe concept comes on the heels of Carter’s long existence within the interior design industry witnessing the staggering amount of goods created each year for sale to an all consuming public. “It’s mind boggling how much is being produced in every facet of design. Do we really need 7,000 sofas to choose from?” he quips. He’s right, especially when so many beautiful things already exist that are paid no attention past the next trend in design.

The furniture industry has been famously slow to adapt to being environmentally green despite all the hoopla surrounding public relations efforts. The industry now tops the list as having the most waste produced; roughly 13 million tons a year in the United States alone. That’s more than the automobile and clothing markets combined. More and more design firms are vying for the opportunity to produce their furniture designs on a large scale in an already saturated market. Eventually we will run out of natural resources to handle the demand. There is a way out of this potential mess but according to Averbeck, it’s going to take a huge paradigm shift in consumer thinking and the choices made in electing to purchase vintage or refurbished items over new.

Revamp-Man4-copyHe has a compelling case. The first example is an iconic item that has been in existence for centuries – the Louis XVI chair. It’s popularity has spanned time with an endless production run by many manufacturers. “The furniture industry closely follows the fashion industry. It’s a case of out with the old and in with the new” says Carter. Though furniture manufacturers would rather you throw out the old chair in favor of the new version – which is really the old version only slightly different in color, size, or styling. One of the benefits that older furniture has over its newer counterparts is construction. Older pieces are generally built better. Back then furniture pieces were built during a time when durability was the main focus and not mass production runs where sacrifices in quality are made in the quest for larger profit margins.


Another surprising factoid is that popular furniture styles actually change very little over time. Much of the new furniture designed today still relies heavily on older versions as inspiration. A modern classic sofa is still a modern sofa no matter what the new fabric or frame is, and a brand spanking new version of a farm table is still based off the old farm table from 90 years ago. So why not go out and get an existing piece of furniture? The answer is that many consumers just want new for the sake of it being new and older items,..well, are used. Yet in most cases there’s nothing wrong with previously owned items other than they don’t have that new car smell so to speak and a little updating is what’s needed.

All it takes is imagination to turn an ugly duckling, say desk, into a handsome piece. Averbeck has lots of it, which is why his pieces are more than just a paint job into shabby chic territory. Decorative metal leafs, lacquers, flowing sculptural facades adorn his work as does unusual color combinations that turn everything into a designer quality item. When asked about why he transforms furniture instead of refinishing them into original condition, Averbeck has this to say: “I look at it like this; If you’ve had the same hair style for 30 years, great! You’ve found what works for you. But most of us have evolved over time. Furniture can do the same thing.” His proven formula for adapting older pieces to current trendiness has found fans from private clients to local boutique shops where his pieces sell out quickly.


Carter’s smile is apparent when he mentions, “I’m very happy doing this, it feels good to save our planet and make things beautiful again. Sometimes when I show people what one of our chairs used to look like before we got to it, they don’t believe it’s the same chair!”


For more information, you can reach Carter and his team at Omforme Design by calling 855-OMFORME or on the web at

Atomic Farm Fresh

It’s always a challenge to revamp vintage furniture and yet still pay homage to the original design. Don’t get me wrong,’s a good challenge for certain. We got these mid century chairs in and they were in pretty bad shape but the lines of them were great. They were covered in dirt and finger smudged grime, paint spatters and the glue had dried out and flaked away leaving the spindles on the back loose enough for two of the chairs to come apart. Not one to be discouraged by such things, I got to thinking about refinishing these chairs and how best to approach them.


It’s a tricky road when deciding to re-visualize a piece of furniture because there are so many choices. Do I paint?, refinish to original condition?, add a padded seat? (where one was originally), or keep the rustic charm of it all showcasing all the joints and screw holes? Sometimes I drive myself crazy simply because so many ideas go through my brain. I do try to be respectful of the original design yet I also want to infuse the piece with a complimentary updated appearance. My usual steps are to write down all the options I think might work and then start editing. Turns out, I mixed the full on paint job as I liked the rustic aspect of the oak graining and the sort of “farm style” feel of the chairs. I didn’t want to change that for it might have made these chairs look like basic store bought chairs with little character. Character is a good thing, don’t want to erase that!

Next I set them aside and went to look for fabric as I decided that bringing back the padded seat would be a good idea (maybe it’s that I’m getting too old and want some cush for my tush). I found the perfect fabric as a remnant from Knoll Fabrics – a very high end design company that sells classic modern furniture as well as a line of fabrics. I got lucky with this sleek, atomic patterned fabric in grey, white and pale orange.


As I’m working on the chairs, I am taking off decades of grime and the wood is coming back to life. I always love this part – revealing the beauty again, and I work on the padded seats and once ready I start to put it all together. It’s all looking nice,…but just nice,…like somehow it was missing that one ingredient that makes it really special. Kinda like eating a run of the mill apple pie from the grocery store as opposed to grandma’s apple pie which is always so much better. You never know what grandma does, but it’s obvious she adds some extra love into her cooking and that’s what makes it special. Yes, these chairs needed that extra special something, Hmmm,……..

Eureka! The light bulb went off in my head. Let’s dip the legs in liquid rubber. Yeah,…

It’s a little kooky, a little different, but then so was grandma’s apple pie. Which is why it was good (as a matter of fact, I want a piece now,…mmm) Besides, the rubber is great protection for the lower part of the legs all the while making the chairs more updated to fit into today’s modern styles. Super,..more character! Now the chairs are fun, quirky, refreshed and ready to settle into someone’s home.

Thanks, Grandma,….for making the best pies!


Recycling Good Stuff!

(Save The planet: Make cool stuff)

Speaking of updating older items: Remember those wooden salad bowls that we all had in the 70′s. They were a staple at our family table along with the accompanying individual bowls to match.  As it is with fashion, everything old is new again and so it is with wooden salad bowls. West Elm, CB2 and others are bringing the trend back.  While that’s a good thing, there are tons of well preserved wooden bowls out there that can be had and updated in a way that’s much more interesting than what you get in those chain stores. We did a series of wooden salad bowls with a pop of color added to them. Now they’re updated in a great modern format  and we helped saved the planet by not cutting down any more trees or throwing them into the garbage. You can do this too. If you want to know more about how to do this and what paint is food grade safe, just contact us. We’ll let you know how to do it with ease.




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