Carpe Diem 2013

Ok, so the Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world as we know it,…..that’s perfectly fine. It is the end of 2012 however and it’s time for charging forth -Carpe diem all through 2013!

We’ve learned a lot from our recent Pop-Up Shop open during the first two weeks of December 2012, such as finding out what people really want in vintage and restored furniture design. We’ve had some real winners such as the controvesial Mao Chair for it’s pop-art status and the Mallory Chair with it’s lush, bold pattern. Feedback was well received and excited customers gave us great tips and suggestions to make things even better for the next pop up shop. Yes,…..we are already working on the next Pop-Up Shop location!!!! With that said,…there’s nothing like giving you all a sneak peek at what’s coming up for 2013:


Our goal this time around is a more universal modern design aesthetic with lots of smoked glass, chrome, brushed brass, champagne capiz, and sophisticated earth tones that are far from beige or boring. Our “re-designs” on furniture will be more streamlined, but that doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our whacky saturated colors such as the French Provincal retro sofa that is about to be ensconced in neon yellow silk velvet. (sorry, we just can’t help ourselves sometimes!)


The “Lazarus” of Heirlooms

Exposure from our recent pop up shop gave us some of the coolest clients who had heirloom furniture from relatives (like grandma) that held a place in their heart – even if it didn’t match their current style. Luckily for those who have inherited items that need an update, we’ve got the chutzpa to turn your item into something that really speaks of you.

Case in point: We had a wonderful lady come to us with a vanity inherited from grandma. She loved sitting in front of this vanity as a girl and was thrilled to have it as an adult – although it didn’t really speak to her lively, fun-filled personality. Getting rid of this treasure was out of the question; too many good memories. That’s where we came in. Just a simple chat, a flurry of ideas, info taken on color, impromptu sketches and a healthy dose of observing our client’s personality so we could reference it later as we were working on this piece. That little forlorn vanity now screams with a customized style that perfectly fits our client’s charming traits. This,…is what makes our job great; Being able to preserve and transform people’s items into treasures they can love for even more years to come.

IMG_1985-300x224 segura1

Who doesn’t love a “before & after”? We hoped our client would love her revamped vanity. Once she laid eyes on it, we knew we did good by her. That’s a great feeling and we can do it for your heirlooms as well. If you’ve got something that you would like us to do our magic on, be it bold as shown above or more subtle, please feel free to contact us. We promise to make the process fun, informative and a joy to be part of designing and transforming your own goods.

Here is another transformation for the same client as above. This chair was resurrected far beyond it’s original state; the client couldn’t be happier!



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