More Color = More Fun!

As things roll into our little pop-up shop, this old forgotten retail space is breathing new life! Since resurrection is so much a part of what we do with vintage goods, taking forlorn items and making them beautiful again, to do this with a retail space is just as rewarding.


Art provided by the charismatic Drew Beson

The vintage furniture paired with stunning artwork from Drew Beson is all coming together to make for a simply gorgeous “whole”. Some of the items such as Milo Baughman chairs in chrome and saturated yellow velvet are a rare gem that command attention yet other goods such as our mid century “Echo” dishes from the Franciscan Company  are easy gift of a different nature to give a loved one during this upcoming holiday season.




1954 Echo Pattern dinnerware from the famed Franciscan Company.

Though we’ve said it before, it’s worth repeating,…….for all who aren’t familiar with Omforme – be prepared for one heck of a colourful ride through rare vintage finds and artfully revamped furnishings when we open up December 1st.





Milo Baughman Chrome & Yellow velvet cantilevered chairs. A rare gem!

More Pop-Up Shop Info

Our Grand Opening is on saturday December 1st at 6pm – 9pm. It promises to be a great event complete with catering by Patisserie 46, wine sampling music amidst hip surroundings and proceeds going to Smile Network International. But the fun doesn’t end that night; there’s more! Info on how long we’ll be around, what the hours are and so on is below:

Omforme Pop-Up Shop

Opening Night Dec. 1st 6-9pm

Shop open from Dec 1st – 15th

 Hours 10am to 8pm daily

Pop-Up! the next phase…

Our sign is getting made and it’s going to be a bit of old timey fun! It’s an old fashioned marquee sign that will be lit through out the month of November at our soon to be open location on

POP-Up Shop December 1st

211 N 1st Street Suite 150, Minneapolis


Furniture will already be going into the space the week of Nov. 12th. We will keep you updated as things move in and vignettes get put together. Holy moly does time fly,….!
Making sure an opening night is complete with the best; we got a heavy dose of luck with securing one of the country’s top patisseries to cater the event; Patisserie 46. Folks, if you haven’t been to this place, you are missing out on one of the most noted and celebrated chefs in the U.S. for baked goods, Chef John Krause. John and his wife Dawn exude absolute warmth when you visit their place on 46th & Grand in South Minneapolis. Is it any wonder in less than two years the bakery has become a bona fide hot spot for a comfortable atmosphere with seriously good fare to nibble on.  Some candid photos of John & his wife Dawn and a few of the goodies they create is pictured below. While we’d like you to wait until our opening for the lush food that will be presented, in all honesty, we urge you to go to Patisserie 46 today and experience a taste sensation.

POP-Up Shop! Gearing Up for Something Special…


Grand Openings, no matter what, are big deals and we couldn’t be more excited,……

Somewhere in between high end furniture stores and vintage shops lies the land of OMFORME; We’ve been funk-ifying vintage goods into “Hot House” drool worthy design for many of the local shops around the twin cities and now we are thrilled to be opening our first ever Pop-Up Shop right in the heart of Minneapolis’ Warehouse District. You’ll find artfully re-imagined vintage furniture along with brightly coloured home goods that just can’t be found anywhere else. We would absolutely love for you to join us during the opening night festivities with food & wine from local restaurants, nationally recognized local art phenomenon: Drew Beson, and of course, all our goodies waiting for you to take a gander at. We promise, you’ll have loads of fun!


POP-Up Shop December 1st

211 N 1st Street Suite 150, Minneapolis


food, booze, fun, frivolity, good finds


It’s been a long road and lots of hoarding of some really special items, the fabulous super rare 1970s Niels Eilersen sofa above that we’ve been holding onto for such an occasion as this. Just a note for those who haven’t heard of Omforme,….be prepared as this ain’t no regular vintage shop. We work untold amount of hours to resurrect and revamp every piece of furniture until it turns into a work of art; guaranteeing that when you see our things, you’ll be looking at something very special.

Here’s a few of the other items you will be seeing when you stop by:

1949 Highboy in white lacquer & Walnut, Mod Swivel chair in cut velvet, Rosenthal dinnerware, mid century double tiered floor lamp.

We will also be keeping you up to date on the transformation of our retail space as new things are added, new artwork hung, new beginnings and newly found joy is released onto the public. And now for a few very important blurbs about the feature players who have generously given of their time and talents to help make this magical experience ready to happen.

Feature Artist: Drew Beson

Enormous canvases filled with vibrant colors and bold movement typify my paintings. If it is too big to pick up, I feel like I have succeeded. The rest of the success of the work I attribute to the genius- Gwynn. I am neither the person I was, or who I will be. We are in a continual state of homeostasis; a state of total and perfect equilibrium, a state of both regeneration and decay- Every cell in our body regenerates approximately every 7 years, all 7 billion or so of them. At best, you are seeing an episode of my work. By definition, an episode is ” a part of a dramatic work: akin to a chapter of a book.” I want you to see the work honestly, in real-time and as far from perfection. I also hope and pray that the work spontaneously combusts shortly after being shown, (thanks Kiki) so enjoy it while it lasts.

For more information on Drew and his art please visit:

Feature Charity: Smile Network International

Smile Network International funds surgical missions and provides necessary supplies needed to repair birth defects, with a focus on cleft lips, cleft palates and other conditions requiring surgical intervention such as burns, tumors or other genetic defects.

The surgeries are free of charge and are available to children who would otherwise go untreated. For as little as $500 per surgery, a child who once lived with shame, will be given the gift of a happier and healthier life.

The mission of Smile Network International is straightforward:

To reconstruct lives…one bright, smiling face at a time. For more information please visit:

It’s Begginning to Happen…

Hey Mid Century enthusiasts,…

Soon,..this space will be filled with beautiful things from the golden age of the mid 20th century. We couldn’t be more excited, not only to be opening up one of the most unique POP-Up stores the vintage world has ever seen, but to do so in a slammin’ space & location in DT Mpls. Stay tuned for the magic that will open December 1st by Omforme.


Don’t worry,…we will keep you informed of every detail throughout the month of November – including every detail that this gem of a POP-Up shop will go through transforming this space,….


set to open Dec. 1st

Downtown Minneapolis

855-OMFORME (663-6763)

Showroom hours are by appointment; it's our way of being able to cater to your needs while showing you the goods. Heck, we may even bring you back to "the Lab" where all the magic happens!