Dirty Little Secret






It’s been a long and prosperous run for those in the mass marketed furniture world. The sheer volume of home furnishings and decor items regularly introduced to the public is mind boggling. Question is: how the world can this be sustained when new things are being produced at breakneck speed?  The answer is: it can’t. Eventually we will run out of resources,….


The furniture industry has become one of the most polluting and environmentally damaging industries: beating out the automobile and clothing industries in the past few years. The industry is already notorious for generating copious amounts of waste, let alone what we as consumers throw away in furnishings favoring the newest goods advertised to us. Did you know that between 8 and 10 million tons of furniture waste end up in landfills every year in Europe alone? United states has an even worse record for discarded items. It is to a point now that we have resorted to using incineration as a way of disposing older furniture, which unfortunately still has a negative impact on the environment as pollutants get released during the process into our air. Sounds pretty grim doesn’t it?

Okay,…well how do we solve this? The answer is: Easy. Buying older pieces of well crafted vintage furniture as well as revamped pieces can help reduce  the trash generated daily from our furnishings waste. It may not be so apparent, but furniture styles, i.e. traditional, modern, french, danish, italian, etc; do not change drastically over time. Any experimental furniture concepts happening now are still based off of old designs. Iconic styles like Louis XVI chairs have been in production ever since they first rolled out in the 18th century and are still popular today. So what’s the industry’s trick to keep us buying new? The answer is: Just like in fashion, everything cycles and the emperor is given a new coat; except in the furniture industry, those manufacturers would rather have you throw out your old chair in favor of the “new” version which is really the old version in another color, finish or size.






Furniture manufacturers don’t necessarily promote the idea of repairing good furniture, it’s counterintuitive to their revenue stream. And they don’t offer services where they will gladly revamp an existing piece into a new color or upholster for the very same reason. This is where OMFORME comes in. We know that many of these items have great style with endless potential to become beautiful again if just given the chance. After much, love and hours put into each piece, we offer it to the public at a far lower price point than if those pieces were created from new materials. The consumer’s benefit? Receiving a one of a kind item and a sense of doing good by opting to purchase previously owned merchandise that won’t end up in a graveyard. For most of our customers, that good feeling just can’t be beat.



Mind Pop! = The Art of Creativity

“When the creative spirit stirs, it animates a style of being: a lifetime filled with the desire to innovate, to explore new ways of doing things, to bring dreams of reality” ~ D. Goleman

P7260018-225x300Has this ever happened you?: You’re going about your daily routine and all of a sudden inspiration hits you at the most unusual moment that solves a problem you’ve been hard pressed to find a solution for, or the light bulb of opportunity lights up in your head. That’s what is called the creative spirit and your mind does this continuously regardless of whether or not you are summoning your creative abilities.

At Omforme, every time we  find a piece of furniture, we strive for creativity, to find the best solution to turn an item into a work of art for the home. Sometimes we get the ideas flowing right away and sometimes we have to wait for inspiration to hit us. To let you in on a secret, there’s lots more furniture sitting in our studio just waiting for inspiration to happen; a literal “pop” of genius to come about. We know it will, that’s our credo and our challenge.


Our Paul Widdicomb chairs posed this problem for us. We knew these were good chairs and when we got them, we didn’t exactly know what we were going to do with them as they were in rough shape. So we sat on it for a while until a spark of inspiration hit. That happened when searching for fabric for an entirely different piece of furniture and we ran across a fabric we loved for our set of chairs instead; the light bulb of opportunity had hit.  The results are shown below. Tell us what you think.


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