Pure as the driven snow…




Raise your hand if you’ve heard the expression above  before. Raise both hands if you know what it means. The expression, an idiom, used to describe the unsullied, the pure and the innocent. Also to be in “original” state.

The quest for originality is a compelling streak for all who are in any artistic endeavor. Heck, it’s a compelling streak for anyone wanting to be an individual on their own terms and hopefully noticed as a result. After all, we are all unique individuals right? But how do we get there? How do we get our own style? Much of it involves inspiration and what Picasso famously said, “There is no originality anymore, it has all been done before. We take from each other inspiration and then form our own interpretation. Bad artists copy, good artists steal”

If that is the case,….then none of us are innocent!

Since we work on vintage furniture, revamping it’s style into something that fits current trends; it’s pretty clear that we are not the original designer or creator of any given piece. We are just adding our own touches to someone else’s previous work. Some people may think what we do to these items is sacrilegious; transforming each chair, dresser, sofa into something that was never intended by the original maker. That’s okay, they can have their opinions and we in turn can respect that. Some are traditional in tastes while others are not. If we all had the same style, wouldn’t life be a dull ride at best?


A chair being transformed

At Omforme, our daily mantra is “change is good”. As a matter of fact, it is a full-on celebration. Something to harbor and utilize to our advantage to bring forth artfully re-designed furniture. Are we harkening back to an era of innocence when we pick up an item for transformation? Yes. Do we always stay within that original style? No. Updating a piece of vintage furniture, for us, is like getting a new haircut,….out with the old dated hair and in with the new. If you’re still sporting the same hair as you did 20 years ago you may not care about revamping anything but we like the challenge of creating new looks for old furniture pieces because we feel we can bring joy to them and subsequently to you.

This is our passion, it is our creativity, our humble gift we can offer to others. The gift of not only resurrecting furniture, but with enough ingenuity to elevate each piece as art. Art that can be as useful as it is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, striving for originality can be a tough and sometimes murky road, but it is one worth taking.

preview of our newest chair transformation

preview of our newest chair transformation

Change is an inevitable and natural part of life – even if we consciously try to keep it the same. There will always be someone who will forge a new path from the old. Open our eyes to what can be. That’s how society progresses for better or worse. And that’s the realm of dreamers and artisans who help create new versions of familiar things to push us all into the here and now. None of us are innocent and all of us have the ability to be original. At Omforme we like that kind of push,……now if you will excuse us, there’s a new blanket of snow on the ground we have to drive through.

Imperfection Leads To Authenticity


Perfection, it is said, is a social disease. An invisible pock mark of our own making supposedly designed to rid ourselves of things we perceive as not good enough. To strive for or maintain an image of something we most likely are not.

Imperfection, it is said, is natural. As a matter of fact, nothing in nature is perfect. There are no straight lines in nature, no perfect circles nor clean, razor sharp edges on anything and most of us find nature to be beautiful despite it’s imperfections.

Perfection comes out of molds or off assembly lines. Yes it is shiny and new and yes we love it, at least for a while, until something shinier comes along. The furniture industry is all about the new. Look through any design magazine and there’s a multitude of pages filled with new things to look at. Everything built today , if it is mass marketed, is more than likely built by machine with perfection in mind. With such an overwhelming amount of new products introduced daily, it’s amazing we haven’t used up all our natural resources on this industry alone.

Yet imperfections are what keeps us grounded. It helps us to realize, if we stop for a moment to look, it’s  those little flaws that make things unique. The patina on an old chair, a well used desk, the charm of vintage kitchenware; these are all clues that tell us there is beauty in things that are not perfect. When a piece of furniture is on the block for getting an overhaul by us, one of the first things we consider is if taking away some of those imperfections will destroy the character of the piece. If it does, then we don’t touch it but rather work around it to enhance what character the piece already has acquired through time. Sometimes it’s a risk to leave imperfections, especially in a world where perfection is expected in so many ways – including that vintage furniture must somehow look brand new. It’s an ironic notion at best.

Fortunately beauty always trumps perfection in our world at Omforme and we hope it does in yours each time you view one our items up for sale. A lot of work, passion, sweat and tears go into each piece before we release it to the viewing eye of the public. The sofa you see above,…..obviously it’s not perfect but we know it can be beautiful. How you say? By simply believing it can and then devising a plan to make it happen. By the time we are done, this sofa will have morphed into a work of art and we couldn’t be happier showcasing our passion for dramatic transformations to you all. Photos will be posted once the transformation is complete.

I’m not sure who said this, but it’s a great quote, “Imperfection leads to authenticity”,…………we couldn’t agree more!

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