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We are located in the trendy LoHi East Neighborhood where you will find a carefully curated selection of artful home goods designed by top local furniture artisans and restyled vintage items found nowhere else in the Twin Cities.

Go bold or go home,..hopefully with our stuff!

About Us

We transform things,.. furniture, homes, lives right here in Minneapolis Minnesota

Inspired by a chair on the street,….


What would you do if you saw a set of chairs tossed on the side of the road?

One guy had an idea, and that idea blossomed into a thriving business saving good furniture from landfills, giving consumers affordable luxury and helping non-profits along the way. Yeah, the set of Louis XVI chairs you see to your left were destined for extinction – that is until Carter Averbeck walked by and decided that things should be different.

IMG_1738Omforme: (verb) is a Norwegian word meaning ” To Transform”; and that is exactly what we do with vintage furniture and excess building materials to create singularly stylish furnishings for the home. This isn’t your typical home goods store. We are turning the industry upside down with inventive ideas to create sharp, trendy furniture from old stock that hold their own in a luxury market. We like the challenge of good design using objects from the past and giving them a resurged value. That makes good sense in a marketplace overrun by cheap mass produced furnishings.

We’ve built a network of like minded individuals, artisans and craftsmen passionate about creating the beautiful from the mundane, thus making sure that perfectly good goods aren’t destroyed by simply tossing them aside. Educating consumers on how to “Reduce Reuse, Restore” is one thing, showing transformed furnishings that are utterly gorgeous is another. It is proof that great things can come from the most unexpected resources.


Great style is just that –  great style, no matter what the era.

~Carter Averbeck



This is where it's all at. From cool transformations of furniture, local superstar furniture makers and interior design. Browse some of our boldest projects below.

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Store Hours: Open by Appointment. Please call 855-663-6763 for a private showing of the showroom and to chat about how we can help you.

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