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We transform things,.. furniture, homes, lives right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


IMG_1738Omforme: (verb) is a Norwegian word meaning ” To Transform”; and that is exactly what we do with previously owned furnishings, taking each piece forward into a modern realm ready to settle back into your home with panache. We showcase new items made from salvaged and reclaimed materials by a community of like minded, passionate artisans and craftsmen who believe that beautiful items can come from existing materials. We also do our part to transform the lives of others by giving back to charities through sales of our goods and offering opportunities for those in the process of rebuilding their lives, a chance to learn how to create beautiful things themselves.

Why do we do this? Because we value our planet and have a deeply rooted mission to do our part to help save it by reducing the amount of  perfectly “good” goods that are discarded regularly in our landfills. We also care about people, after all, a community starts with a helping hand. 

Educating consumers on how to “Reduce Reuse, Restore” is one thing, showing transformed furnishings that are simply gorgeous is another. It is proof that great things can come from the most unexpected resources.

Go bold or go home,..hopefully with our stuff!

About Us

Inspired by a chair on the street,….

louischairOmforme was started by Carter Averbeck, who’s love of design has spanned decades and has seen the enormous impact the design industry has had on the consuming public as well as the environmental damage it has caused. He knew something had to change and there was a  solution: transform older pieces of furniture into bright shining objects again.

Settling in the heart of Minneapolis Minnesota, Omforme was born. What started out as a refinishing shop for case goods and upholstery in quirky fashions -quickly turned into a collective of artisans passionate about design and utilizing their talents to showcase original content. Inside Omforme is a wealth of ingenuity from people who have the same notion toward creating objects from existing materials. These craftsmen and women create, beautify and bring forth one of a kind objects for the home.

Are we purists? Only in the sense of wanting to offer some of the most artfully designed items for your home. We like the challenge of good design using objects from past generations and giving them a resurged value; and that makes good sense in a marketplace overrun by disposable and cheap mass marketed furnishings. Some of our things may be straight up vintage with no “tinkering” by us, simply because we know it’s got great style. Some may be truly transformed in a fresh new look ready to settle into your home.

Do we stick to just one era? Absolutely not. Experience in the design world has taught us one very important lesson; Great style is just that –  great style. No matter what the era. In today’s world of mixing different generations of goods to make a unique statement – we gladly fit right in. Getting something from us is like getting a treasure that is original and all your own. You won’t find what we have in a big box store anytime soon and if what you crave is more than those stores can offer- we may be just what you’re looking for.

Some Fun Facts

We don't know about you, but we're geeks about furniture facts. Here's some about the environment and what we're doing to help.


Tons thrown in landfills yearly


Lbs saved by us so far


Jelly Beans Eaten

Now for the big question, why?


What inspires us to do what we do at Omforme



Why Transformed Furniture?

Simply put, it’s good for our environment. Evolution has always been a part of the human existence, but rarely has it ever been a part of the objects we collect. When stuff gets old, the inclination is to throw it out for new. It’s our modern day #1 bad habit and most of us never realize it.

At Omforme, we have seen the enormous impact that our “throw away” society has in regards to furnishings consumption: overstuffed landfills that can no loger take items are now using incinerators to dispose of furniture. The sheer volume of items being discarded regularly beggars belief, (about 13 million tons discarded yearly in the USA), with many of these pieces in great condition. With just a pinch of ingenuity, many older furnishings can be transformed into valued items again.



dump1-300x224Manufacturers have been conditioning all of us for well over a century that new items are  better. Instinctively we know this isn’t exactly the case; especially when so called “newer” items are made with far more inferior materials than their older counterparts.

To add to this insult, large furniture manufactures are now enjoying the fruits of their campaigns to sell  “re-issues” of a classic items of furniture onto the public. Never mind that the originals, of which these re-issues are based on, have already existed for decades and are attainable. This alone garners the plea:…it’s time for a major paradigm shift in our thinking of consumer goods.

At Omforme, we believe transforming furniture not only breaths new life into a piece, it also gives items a resurged value in both the literal and figurative sense. The benefits, when added up, can be significant; Older furniture is usually made better and will stay durable longer. The environment benefits as forests and other natural materials are not consumed in the creation of new pieces, landfills get reduced and our own personal carbon footprints in selecting to purchase renewed items for our homes becomes smaller.

Yet we do more than just paint a dresser and call it day; see how the artisans at Omforme use creative forces to take an existing piece of furniture and completely give it new life,…


Our Recipe For Transformation
The collaborative process begins with a single item of furniture and a team of people made up of artisans, designers and clients. Together we pursue open ended ideas, a “think tank” of sorts, to conceive of several concepts to transform any given piece. From here, our broad range of knowledge, skill and resources come into play to bring these conceptual ideas into reality. Sure, we could paint a dresser and then it becomes a painted dresser that most of us have seen before. Out of the box thinking is our specialty at Omforme and going further to truly make an item into a functional work of art is the ultimate goal. When you receive a piece from us, it is a guarantee that you will never find another item like it anywhere.


Lest you think we only transform furniture, think a little further. We also transform lives. How? We start by collaborating with non-profits where the proceeds of our sales goes towards a rotating selection of smaller charities who need every bit of funding they can find. We don’t stop there: we also have programs in place where those who are going through life transitions such as addiction  and abuse shelters regain their own sense of worth in learning how to transform furniture. In doing so, individuals start to rehabilitate their lives. Funny how that little norwegian word “omforme” can have so much more meaning than you know. To learn more about our philanthropy programs, drop us line because we definitely want to hear from you.

Great style is just that –  great style, no matter what the era.

~Carter Averbeck



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