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Inspired by a chair on the street,….


What would you do if you saw a set of forlorn chairs tossed on the side of the road?

One guy, on a mission to save well made furniture from the landfills, decided to put back the life into the chairs you see to your left. That guy is Carter Averbeck and these chairs are what started it all,..

Right in the heart of Minneapolis Minnesota, there’s a tiny little shop called Omforme. A place where older furniture gets a new lease on life and reclaimed materials are used to create modern, edgy, artful pieces for the home. This isn’t your typical home goods store. We like the challenge of good design using objects from past generations and giving them a resurged value; and that makes good sense in a marketplace overrun by cheap mass marketed furnishings. Some of our things may be straight up vintage with no “tinkering” by us, simply because we know it’s got great style. Some may be truly transformed in a fresh new look ready to settle into your home.

Go bold or go home,..hopefully with our stuff!

What We Do

We transform things,.. furniture, homes, lives right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


IMG_1738Omforme: (verb) is a Norwegian word meaning ” To Transform”; and that is exactly what we do. It doesn’t matter if its vintage furniture, reclaimed building materials or people; transformations breath new life into anything or anyone that is ready for change.

Our commitment to revitalizing older, well built furniture reduces content in our landfills as does the repurposing of excess building materials. We’ve built a network of like minded individuals, artisans and craftsmen passionate about creating the gorgeous from the mundane, thus making sure that perfectly good goods aren’t destroyed by simply tossing them aside. Educating consumers on how to “Reduce Reuse, Restore” is one thing, showing transformed furnishings that are utterly gorgeous is another. It is proof that great things can come from the most unexpected resources.

Philanthropic Playgrounds: Sure, we get it, our name sounds funny and it’s hard to pronounce.                                                             But did you know that it also applies to transforming lives? Here’s how we do it: By supporting non-profits with a percentage of the proceeds from our sales regularly. We’ve also created programs teaching those going through life transitions how to better themselves by learning a skill in refinishing furniture. Every time you see an item from us, just know that there is someone who has gained a measure of self worth in the recreation of each piece. In our world, everyone is relevant and community starts with a helping hand.

Great style is just that –  great style, no matter what the era.

~Carter Averbeck



This is where it's all at. From cool transformations of furniture, local superstar furniture makers and interior design. Browse some of our boldest projects below.

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What inspires us to do what we do at Omforme

Evolution has aold-furniturelways been a part of the human existence, but rarely has it ever been a part of the objects we collect. When stuff gets old, the inclination is to throw it out for new. It’s our modern day #1 bad habit and most of us never realize it.

Considering furniture styles don’t really change much over time, transforming them to fit modern day trends is a better solution. Vintage is better built, cost effective and in our hands, becomes a one of a kind. Let’s put those landfills on a crash diet; we didn’t really need to feed them anyway.


Some Fun Facts

We don't know about you, but we're geeks about furniture facts. Here's some about the environment and what we're doing to help.


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